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Jorj Morgan

You Can Cook Any Thing: A Guide for Newly Inspired Cooks! Salad and Veggie Things

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Volume 2 in Jorj's New Series!

What do you do when it's Sunday morning, your stomach is growling, and all your favorite takeout places are closed?

Your roommate is still sleeping, and the last time you tried to cook an egg, you wound up calling the fire department.

You check the fridge and all you see are ingredients ... not one actual THING to eat! Or maybe it's dinnertime, and you're tired of eating ramen from a foam cup. Boo, hiss!

You just want to eat, and now you're getting hangry.

Well cheer up, buttercup!

This book holds the secrets to cooking any eggy, waffly, cheesy, noodly THING you've ever imagined (plus a few you definitely haven't).

From renowned chef Jorj Morgan comes the You Can Cook Any THING series designed for the novice chef with a big appetite, tight budget, and zero clue.

Jorj walks you through the basics from proper knife skills to boiling an egg to cooking a meal for a crowd. Woah ... baby steps.

You got this! And Jorj can help.

About Jorj Morgan

Jorj is a culinary explorer, Southern home chef, and the author of 9 cookbooks celebrating home cooking and hospitality. Her culinary creations and anecdotes center around bringing loved ones together over delicious meals, crafting cherished memories one dish at a time.

  • Includes Mobile App

    "You Can Cook Any Thing" features a home cooking experience with Jorj! Download on iOS and Android to experience recipes in Jorj's kitchen, and learn how to prepare recipes alongside your cookbook!

  • Follow Along With Jorj's Recipe Video Library

    Scan codes inside your cookbook to instantly watch Jorj bring recipes to life on your mobile device! No extra downloads required.